Novel Writing

Writers do everything in order to get words out of us. There are endless words inside us and any act in life that does not foster a healthy flow of their expression is a hindrance to our happiness.

I like the butcher paper idea of a giant plot timeline for my apartment walls. I live alone. I may as well make the most of my potential writing space.

I want to write unafraid of writing anything! I think the Magna Cartas will help me out a lot in steering things and making quick decisions.

I am in the third decade of my novel's life. This is the one wth the most clear skies. I cannot wait to get a new computer. I am definitely going to write out all my character's names and put them on my bedside table. I'm so looking forward to my bike being rideable and bringing a notebook and pen with me on rides. It is crazy how little it has rained in Portland so far this Oct, Nov and Dec. I fucking love it.
Forest, beautiful purple sky, oxygen, biologically productive, widsom

LIfe Goal

I forgot about this one for a number of years! Time to draft a new bucket list.


See Angel Falls, the highest water fall in the world.

To be continued...
Forest, beautiful purple sky, oxygen, biologically productive, widsom


I hear the words dear friends say
I run through the field in my mind
and remember when it is morning and dusk everywhere is beautiful

When I'm always traveling familiarity is a fleeting feeling
Why do I run from those I love?
The likeness of sand under my feet
and trees in the air feels betraying

Why don't I trust that which I know?
Sometimes you've got to fail to succeed
Growing can happen without another's presence
I know a new witness
I want it to witness a family growing around me

New places and new faces comfort me
I want to know a home
I won't give up the parts of me I love
And I won't hide from the parts of me I'm yet to become

Sometimes you've got to fail to succeed
Wave after wave, I will get to know the rock formations
Like a sea urchin I will grow in the crevices of beach rock
Until the tides change me
Forest, beautiful purple sky, oxygen, biologically productive, widsom

PD Article Ideas

Sweet potato pancakes with sweet cashew sauce

Indonesia ratifies Paris Climate Agreement. First time Indonesia has ever entered international climate agreement. :)
Indonesia is experiencing the fastest deforestation in human history. How will this ratification change the country's energy development and forest management?